I am a Photographer…


I take the role very seriously as I am performing the one task that will help you remember the events and the people who shared your special moments and celebrated with you during your most cherished events of your life.  

My passion and focus is to help you see yourself through the eyes of everyone who loves you!  I endeavor to create photographs that will capture the love you feel and be cherished for generations.

I have performed this role hundreds of times at weddings, family events, corporate meetings, portrait sessions and headshot sessions since 2008.  

In June of 2020, I performed my 100th wedding!  It was a truly special occasion as the wedding was attended by only 5 people at the height of the Covid-19 lockdown.  I was the photographer, videographer and I live streamed the ceremony over the internet for the family members to witness.  That day tested my skill, but it was most rewarding to know that the couple could still include their loved ones in their wedding celebration, masks and all!

Two of my favorite subjects are my dogs, Loki (2yr) & Tobi (6 Months) – They are Samoyeds who love to ride in the car and smile at everyone they see!  If you are ever in the Cool Springs area and see these guys hanging out the window of my SUV, you are welcome pull out your phone and snap a few shots!  If you want to follow them on Instagram (they have their own account!), look them up by searching with the hashtag    [ #areyoumychewtoy ]  They are gathering quite the following!

I am here to help you, celebrate you and bring out the best in everyone by being positive, enthusiastic and happy in my role as Your Photographer!

Tennessee Photo & Video is Ray Sanduski
A Professional Photographer Serving Middle Tennessee & Northern Alabama

  • Weddings

  • Corporate Headshots

  • Corporate & Charitable Events

  • Commercial Projects

  • Individual & Family Portraits

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  • & Your Special Project Request

I have been the lead photographer for over 100 weddings that have taken place at many of the major venues in the Middle Tennessee & Northern Alabama service areas.   The one thing that I learned early is that no two wedding venues are the same.  Each presents it own set of unique challenges.  To perform at my best, I often draw on prior experience at that location or arrive early to scout the location and seek the best settings and lighting opportunities.

This has served my clients well, so when considering the day-of-schedule for your event, please know that I plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to starting the day.

I use this same early, arrival approach for corporate and other event projects too.  Being prepared is a big factor in achieving great results so I can perform beyond your expectations.

I would like to learn more about your Wedding, Event or Project.  I am available to have a telephone conversation, email exchange or even an in-person meeting or even a location visit if necessary.  Please visit the Contact Page here:

I have compiled a list of venues that I have experience in performing photography and videography, in case you want to see if I have experience at your venue.